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Borromeo: the shape of elegance

29/10/2015 - corporate

Borromeo: the shape of elegance

The charm of a sofa that thinks big

This beautiful sofa is at its best when it can show off its king-size dimensions: just as in the stylish rounded composition that successfully conveys an aura of intimacy, conjuring images of snug conversations and well-deserved relaxation, especially when you think of its impressive size. That's how we like to present Borromeo, a creation that is truly one of a kind: the first thing to catch the eye of the beholder is its composition: this perfect circle with its matching ottoman, almost like an island of softness, and concealed by a smart crescent-shaped table
Once feasted your eyes on this perfect geometric composition, its fine details are what ultimately catch the beholder's eye. So let's shine the spotlight on the quilted inserts with nubuck finish that enhance the composition (by the way, have you noticed that it can do without bulky backrests, and make do with a couple of decorative cushions?). These inserts are then repeated along the seating of the two end ottomans, creating a classy, continuous reference to all the elements, while providing an interesting break between work processes.
This sofa possesses such a particular and multifaceted nature that ensures it sits comfortably both in classic settings and in those characterized by a more relaxed formality.

Perfect shapes such as those of the Borromeo sofa truly deserve to be properly enhanced: here is the reason for that exquisite needletip trim, which expresses itself in the refined contrasting profiles that mark the contour of the entire sofa, further enriched by the precious, rigorously hand-made stitching inside the profiles around the quilted inserts. This contour discreetly marks the boundaries of a composition that needs no additional element, as it suffices to itself, and can also find expression in even more majestic forms. This grandeur might lie in the stark choice of black leather finishing, or be merely hinted at in the more discrete and linear forms, without ever losing out in personality.