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Designing luxury

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21/12/2015 - corporate

Designing luxury

Here is how Vittoria Frigerio supports architects and designers committed to creating exclusive interiors

A luxury environment is successfully created only after having carefully and knowingly developed a wide range of elements. This includes skilfully matching furnishings details, as well as ensuring that technical needs and aesthetic requirements seamlessly blend into one another without causing friction. A truly challenging undertaking that must yield harmony and perfection, which is why the design stage is so important and requires all one's professional care and attention and any means necessary to make it right. Vittoria Frigerio makes these tools available to all professionals to enable them to perform their far from easy task as smoothly as possible.

Architects and designers seeking to realize their own luxury interiors can draw upon a large number of ready-made 3D models that can easily be included into their project. Embracing the Vittoria Frigerio concept means more than just relying on the great Italian tradition of luxury furniture that lends character, personality and exclusivity to all kinds of interiors. It also means benefiting from the best applied technology for a truly outstanding all-round customer experience.


And when we say all-round, we mean just that! In fact, all clients need to do is provide a plan of the rooms, details of the main architectural elements, an indication of the desired style and a first idea as to the placement of furnishings. For its part, Vittoria Frigerio may go so far as to give practical assistance in planning and design, and even (in case of particularly challenging projects) in rendering the environments, so that the impact of the end result may be assessed before actually commencing production of the furniture items.

Both the overall look and feel of the rooms and the individual finishes shall therefore be defined in the greatest possible detail and customized according to the client's wishes and needs. Only then will our master craftsmen take matters into their own expert hands.