technical information
Natural material with a warm touch obtained from the heart of the log. Classical, resistant, long-lasting and insulating raw material. It has technical features such as resistance and elasticity to make it easy to twisting thus allowing flexible manufacturing and bending. The wood could be manufactured and bended thanks to the properties of lignin so that the wood becomes malleable to fit within moulds from which it could take the shape. The wood could be also worked on CNC machineries, thanks to the use of dedicated, manufactured on 5 axises to obtain specific shapes modelling. The natural solid wood is worked as per above indications and then coloured to obtain the wished nuance.

Maintenance: Avoid aggressive products containing acetone, thinners, ammonia, abrasive detergents or furniture waxes. Do not use cleaning products whose composition is unknown. Inadequate products create serious and irreparable damage to the finish. Keep the product away from heat sources and direct or indirect sunlight. Keep the product by dusting the parts with a clean white cotton cloth.

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