technical information
Nubuk is an extraordinary nubuck leather, with a dreamy soft touch, for unique sensations. Produced with cattle of European origin, has a thickness of 1.1-1.3 mm. The size of each skin is about 5 sqm. Slight surface impurities of the leather are natural characteristics of it by emphasizing its peculiarity. The leather Nubuk due to its technical features is sensitive to wear and tear and light, furthermore it is also particularly delicate and stains and soils easily, thus requiring careful care: some accidental stains might be not removable.
If a visual effect with a more uniformity in colour or tonality is required and for an easier maintenance, the leather Siena or the leather Pisa are suggested.

Leather colour might change from one lot to the other, therefore the Company does not take any responsibility for eventual differences being a natural material.

Maintenance: dust is removed with a soft, dry cloth. Do not use aggressive products such as alcohol, acetone, ammonia or cleaning products whose composition is unknown. Inadequate products create serious and irreparable damage to the finish. Keep the product away from heat sources and direct or indirect sunlight. In case of stains, dab without crushing or rubbing. Eventual cleaning operations might limit the problem but not remove it totally. Eventual accidental stains might not be removable. For further cleaning instructions refer to the dedicated cleaning kits.

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