Tosca is a wall panelling that is a modular system with panels of various sizes with horizontal and vertical bands to define the room and the wall, enriching each room with a visual and tactile feeling totally enveloping and immersive. It is a large system that enhances the sartorial manufacturing of the collection: the panels are available in wood or covered in fabric or leather, smooth or quilted or in bronzed glass. The flexibility of the system is total and allows you to customize every furnishing solution to the environment and personal taste: a unique design that as always enhances the peculiarities of the Vittoria Frigerio collection where formal elegance is combined with the rigor of perfection and sophistication of details.

technical information
Structural Panels:  in multilayer with adjustable regulation for assembling of decorative panels.
Decorative panels boiserie:  available on size according to technical standards in different textile and materials’ finishes.
Vertical band: standard width 15cm available in the different finishes.
Horizontal band: in the same finishes and possibilities as per the vertical bands.

Being a made-to-measure product for any further information kindly contact the technical office of Vittoria Frigerio. 

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